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Manufacturing Specialist Construction Products

Ronacrete has been at the leading edge of product development and performance for well over 40 years.

Our achievements have largely been the result of investing in the best people and expertise in the industry; creating a team which has become renowned for advancing material and product technology across each of Ronacrete’s market sectors –Waterproofing, Bonding, Flooring, Coatings and Concrete Repair.

Our products and systems are formulated to meet and indeed exceed the requirements of the relevant British, European Norms, China, Hong Kong and Local Standards. We have several products which have been awarded Hong Kong Concrete Institute (HKCI) Product Certification for Repair Mortars or HKCI Product Certification for Tile Adhesives. Our quality processes are certified to ISO 9001:2015 and our production facilities are certified compliant to ISO 14001:2015.

During December 2016, the total shareholding of Ronacrete [Far East] Limited was acquired by Sika Hongkong Limited. This included our production facilities in Hong Kong and China.

Ronacrete is a proud to be a part of Sika Hongkong Limited where we retain our genuine commitment to customer service and we constantly strive to be the best in all our activities.

Ronacrete –Fixed for Life!