Change of Address
To all Our Esteemed Business Partners

We are thrilled to announce that Ronacrete (Far East) Limited will be moving our office to Sika Hongkong Ltd.‘s office at Rm 1507-12, 15/F., Block A, New Trade Plaza, 6 On Ping Street, Shatin, N.T. Hong Kong on 16th June 2017 while warehouse in Kwu Tung and factory in Nansha will remain unchanged. Our existing phone, fax and web-site will continue to be operational for the time being. We will combine and operate under the name of Sika Hongkong Ltd. effective on 1st July 2017. Afterwards, all quotations, correspondences, purchase orders and invoices will be addressed and issued by Sika Hongkong Ltd.

Ronacrete’s brands, products, staff, operations, production facilities and principles are unchanged.
Monoprufe SX700 & BX 500 - Fast Turnaround, Maximum Performance
Exposed waterproofing has never been this versatile or this capable.

Monoprufe SX 700 a hot spray applied two component pure polyurea resin waterproofing membrane. It provides a very high performance elastic fast curing waterproofing system with exceptional strength and durability. The hot spray installation technique requires specialist equipment but with Monoprufe SX 700 it is immediately waterproof, can be accessed almost straight away and is capable of covering vast areas very quickly.

Monoprufe SX 700 multiple layer system consists of prime coat, body coat and UV resistant colour top coat which is Ideal for exposed long term zero maintenance areas such as roof top, balconies, water feature and etc.

Monoprufe BX 500 multiple layer system consists simply of prime coat and UV stable colour top coat. This amazing 2 component brush applied polyurea has the astonishing combination of long pot life and fast curing time making it ideal for smaller projects with restricted access. It is also fully compatible with Monoprufe SX 700 and can thus be used for small detail work, touching up or even as the colour-fast UV stable top coat or that system.

Hong Kong's climate is sub-tropical; the mean annual rainfall can be over 3000 mm, heavy rain from tropical cyclones may last for days and risks of damage from water ingress can be severe but a durable long term solution exists.

Contact us for more details about Monoprufe SX 700 / Monoprufe BX 500.
Great News at Christmas as Ronacrete (Far East) Limited Joins the Sika Group of Companies!
It is with great pleasure that the directors of Ronacrete can formally announce the acquisition of Ronacrete (Far East) Limited (RFE) in Hong Kong and its Guangzhou subsidiary Ronacrete (Guangzhou) Construction Products Limited by Sika AG.

Since its inception in Hong Kong in the 1980’s RFE has developed from a supplier of mortar admixtures into a leading manufacturer with a range of successful products covering concrete repair, waterproofing, coatings, flooring and bonding. Now more than 30 years on Ronacrete has some of the most renown and trusted brands in the industry including Ronafix, Unicell, Ronabond, Monoset and Monoprufe. With a clear focus on local product development, local production, technical excellence, consistent quality and industry leading customer support we have achieved consistent growth and impressive profitability including enviable stability through the years of financial crises.

In acquiring RFE Sika are both recognising these achievements and offering the support needed to take RFE into the future. Now with 89 mortar factories within a total of 170 factories worldwide, more than 17,000 employees, an annual turnover in the region of $5.5 Billion and a reputation for quality Sika clearly has the resources and vision to support RFE and our customers in the next exciting stage of our development.
The Outstanding Upper West Project in West Kowloon
‘Upper West’ a luxury boutique apartment project developed by Kowloon Development Co Ltd in West Kowloon had set the new dimensions of metropolitan living. Ronacrete Tile Bonding System is selected for its Superior - Quality Products and Professional on-site technical support for the interior tile bonding works.

Ronabond Super Tile Adhesive – SP is selected for fixing the demanding large size tiles in the kitchens, bathrooms & corridors to ensure a durable, high strength tile bonding works. Ronabond Super Tile Adhesive – SP is a HKCI PCCS-TA C2TES1 Compliant Single Part Tile Adhesive requiring only the addition of water to produce a professional grade high strength tile adhesive. To complement the spectacular appearance of the finished tile, Ronafix Colour Grout Powder is selected to grout the tile joints to achieve the best result. Ronafix Colour Grout Powder is a CG2WA compliant weather resistant cement-based grouting compound for Tiles, Granite and Marble. It is designed to minimize efflorescence, resist shrinkage and provide a waterproof surface for joints between tiles.

Much more than just a material supplier, Ronacrete also provide the on-site technical support, product training & site supervision throughout the project to help the client and the project achieve the best result. If you need a proven durable tile bonding system, contact Ronacrete !!
Ronacrete Returns to Distinctive Packaging for the Ubiquitous Ronafix Barrel
Ronafix – perhaps Ronacrete’s most recognizable brand, has been in existence since 1969 and has been a staple bonding and waterproofing admixture of the Hong Kong construction industry since 1985. Available in small, medium and big barrels it is the distinctive red and yellow 220L drums that have helped make it so recognizable. Not only when the product is being used but also for the quality of the drums that are left after the Ronafix has been fully decanted. Their uses are almost endless as we have seen them used as floats for buoyancy, site tables, site chairs, rubbish bins, storage bins, water buckets, sinks, settling tanks and of course simply reused after a thorough rinsing.

And now 30 years after its introduction into Hong Kong we have gone back to our original fully printed drums but with a distinctive new look. The product is unchanged and its performance is as high and reliable as the drum that it comes in. We even considered drawing a dotted line around the middle of the drum as a cutting guide for when the drum inevitably reaches the end of its life…but where’s the fun in that! Better we leave you to your imagination and find your own use for the drum.
Ronacrete Exhibits at the 5th Anniversary Conference of BEAM
The seminar was interesting, informative and well attended at the HKCEC with an audience of over 400. HKGBC and BEAM used the event titled Driving for Urban Sustainability to launch their BEAM Plus Existing Buildings Assessment Tool v2.0 under the slogan “Better than Yesterday”. It advocates reduction in carbon emissions, waste reduction, water conservation and a greener city, in alignment with the ambitions of the Energy Saving Plan released by the Environment Bureau in May 2015.

Highlight’s for Ronacrete were the excellent commentary and pragmatic advice offered by Mr. Joel Chan of P&T group regarding his case study of the Hong Kong Open University Chung Hau street campus development plus the potential for future improvements to the BEAM system offered by the other local and overseas guest speakers.

As patrons of the HKGBC and keen developers of green technologies Ronacrete could not pass up the opportunity to put our Ronadeck Resin Bound Surfacing in front of the HKGBC’s prestigious members and supporters. The stand was designed to pique the interest of the attendees and highlight the attributes of the system and especially the positive environmental benefits:

• The resin is made from 30% rapidly renewable biomass.
• The system is permeable which mimics natural drainage and allows water to run to the water table.
• The system is manufactured by Ronacrete in close proximity to Hong Kong.

Depending on the product options selected and the design of the installation these offer the potential for 2 BEAM credits.

As with previous promotions for the RBS visitors feedback showed they were impressed by its feel underfoot, the variety of finishes that can be achieved and the extensive track record of large and high profile projects in the UK and Asia.
Gorgeous Decorative Balcony in Panyu, Guangdong
Gorgeous Decorative Balcony in Panyu, Guangdong
~25m2 of ‘Rose Garden’ Ronadeck Resin Bound Surfacing blend 1511

Ronacrete Guangzhou’s first project for the resin bound system in mainland China is the small but beautiful 4th floor balcony in a luxury residential complex in Panyu. The well-established and conservative community includes a wide range of quality properties and many of them, like the project here and adjacent building, are now a few years old and crying out to be brought up to date.

Ronadeck Resin Bound Surfacing (RBS) was selected for its quality feel underfoot, for the speed of installation and for the natural aggregate appearance that complements the feel underfoot. The installation was nonetheless bespoke; the decorative aggregate blend was selected by Ms Ho from a range of options put together specifically for this project. This selection was further adjusted to achieve the micro texture and the grip underfoot preferred by the client.

The installation was completed over just a few hours spread over 2 days:
• Day 1 was spent cleaning the substrate which in this case was sound but uninspiring tiles. A discreet compatibility test was carried out to assure us that the RBS could be installed without a primer (this is most often the case) and the permeable edging was installed around the drains and at the French windows.
• Day 2 involved 2 hours diligently moving and covering the furniture and furnishings in the house and setting up the equipment. Another 2 hours for our professionally trained installers to mix and install the RBS followed by another 2 hours of cleaning down and restoring the furnishings to their original location.

RBS is also fast curing; it becomes touch dry within a few hours and is ready for foot traffic by the next day.

Contact us for more details about Ronadeck Resin Bound Surfacing including our seamless Cushion flooring system ideal for pool surrounds and play areas.
Permeable Paving at Hung Shui Kiu Community Farm Project ~ 450m2 of Ronadeck Resin Bound Surfacing
Following Ronacrete UK’s success in leading the UK market for seamless and decorative permeable pavements Ronacrete (Far East) Ltd were awarded this prestigious project for the Hong Kong Housing Authority in May this year.

Ronadeck Resin Bound Surfacing (RBS) was selected for its proven track record as decorative, durable, non-slip and permeable trafficable surface in the paved areas of the community farm. RBS is designed to allow routine easy access for foot and wheeled traffic between the planters nonetheless its permeability ensures that rainwater falling on the project soaks naturally to ground. Whilst not relevant for this project this permeability can contribute credits towards BEAM certification.

RBS is also fast curing; it becomes touch dry within a few hours and is ready for foot traffic by the next day. This can be especially important in avoiding contamination on busy projects with many trades on site and allows the contractor maximum flexibility with the minimum of downtime.

The aggregates and resins used are unique to Ronacrete and are blended specifically for this application. The polyurethane resin itself is UV stable and more than 30% derived from renewable biomass. This makes an important contribution to the environment when compared to traditional petroleum industry derived polyurethanes.

Ronacrete Far East and Ronacrete UK provided on-site training and technical support throughout the project. The first 50m2 was installed under close supervision as can be seen in this video with the rest of the project completed to a high standard by the works subcontractor.

Contact us here for more details about Ronadeck Resin Bound Surfacing including our seamless Cushion flooring system ideal for pool surrounds and play areas.
Ronacrete Far East Expands the Monitoring and Control of our Green House Gas Emissions to our Production Facility
Since 2013 Ronacrete has undertaken to monitor, control, report and where possible reduce our green house gas emissions at our primary sites in Wanchai, the New Territories in Hong Kong and in now in our factory in Nansha, China.

The monitoring & reporting system was initially set up for the office and warehouse in Hong Kong with the support of an independent consultant in accordance with the Hong Kong Carbon Accounting Guideline issued by EPD. Since then we have expanded the system to include our factory in Guangdong in order to provide a more complete picture of our environmental impact and to facilitate the setting of controls and goals for the coming year.
On the 9th January Ronacrete welcomed a delegation of 17 visitors from the Hong Kong Concrete Repair and Waterproofing Association (HKCRWA) to our production facility Ronacrete (Guangzhou) Construction Products Limited (RGCP) in Nansha, Panyu. The visitors were met by our Chairman Mr. Brian Clements, given a brief but important safety instruction by our Safety Officer A-Him before splitting into groups and then given a guided tour through the entire facility by Brian, Peter, Kenneth (RGCP's General Manager) and May (RGCP's Operations Manager).

To ensure that visitors got the most from the tour, the groups were kept small and the delegates were encouraged to ask questions and to take photos if they wished. As expected our two state-of-the-art laboratory's and our product training / demonstration facility generated the most questions. Our Managing Director Peter Gregory was greatly impressed by the detailed line of questioning from the delegates: “We wanted visitors to understand the amount of effort that goes into researching, developing, producing and testing our products which is why we opened our doors to the professionals from the HKCRWA. We work extremely hard to ensure that our products meet the highest standards of technical performance, workability and consistent quality and I think, I hope that became clear during the tour.”

The trip was concluded with a lunch for the delegates at a local restaurant and a bit of sightseeing in a local market.