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Issue 31 (2007 Mar_Apr)

Monotect – a range of geotechnical products:
Ultrafine Micro-cements
Silicate Systems
Hybrid Systems
Chemical Grouts

Ronabond – a range of injection resins:
Flexible Epoxy
Structural Epoxy
Underwater Epoxy
Polyurethane foams & water stop


Issue 30 (2006 Nov_Dec)

Ronafix Colour Grout – Colour the World !
Ronafix Colour Grout – waterproof, low shrinkage, pre-bagged colour grout.


Issue 29 (2006 Sep)

Ronacrete. Proudly a part of Hong Kong’s constr uction community since 1984.
Pandas. Proudly a part of China's natural commu nity since the dawn of time.

Protect the urban environment with Ronabond Tile Adhesive and Ronagrout EPG and Ronafix Coloured Grouts.
Protect the natural environment, use forest resources wisely, save the Giant Pandas.


Issue 28 (Ronacrete backcover)

Ronacrete (Far East) Limited would like to congratulate Union Construction Group and LC Surveyors on their winning entry in the HKCRA Awards for Excellence 2005/2006 for their work at Amoy Gardens in Kowloon Bay.
In 16 residential blocks at Amoy Gardens Union Construction used Ronacrete’s Unicell 40 Concrete Repair Mortar and Unicell WF for finishing render.
Ronacrete looks forward to ongoing co-operation with Union Construction Group on future projects.


Issue 28 (2006 Jun_Jul)

Ronabond EP© epoxy inje ction resins
- fills and repairs concrete slabs and structural cracking with flexibility and strength!


Issue 27 (2006 Apr)

22 years in Hong Kong - working to ISO 9001:2000 standards 39 years international experience in construction industry A team totally committed to customer satisfaction


Issue 26 (2006 Feb)

Situated on the corner of Gloucester and Fleming Roads, next to the Wan Chai police station The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Wan Chai was opened in 2005. Main contractor, Wing Hong Construction did not hesitate to involve Ronacrete as they have always been impressed by Ronacrete’s good quality products and excellent service. The church building incorporated Ronafix, Ronabond Tile Adhesive, Ronafix Colour Grout and Ronagrout EPG for all tiled surfaces.


Issue 24 (2005 Oct)

Ronacrete (Far East) Ltd. would like to congratulate the MTRC on the successful completion of Disneyland Resort Station & Sunny Bay Station.

An epoxy tile grout was specified because the MTR Corporation was seeking a wide range of colours including special matchings, stain resistance / stain proof – easy to clean and hygienic (mould and fungal resistant).
Ronagrout EPG was selected because Ronacrete Far East was able to provide excellent service in special colour matches, full technical support on the use of products, rapid delivery and very economical / competitive prices.


Issue 23 (2005 Aug)

The refurbishment of Braemer Hill in North Point is Hong Kong's largest single private renovation project to date. A Ronacrete system was used exclusively and materials for 15 towers, each with 25 floors included Unicell WF Render, Ronabond Tile Adhesive and Ronafix Colour Grouting for the tile facade.


Issue 22 (2005 May)

Ronacrete, Colouring Hong Kong since 1984

Ronafix Colour Grout
Prepacked, shrinkage-reduced, waterproof grout for joints between tiles

Ronagrout EPG
Water Cleanable Epoxy Tile Grout